Whose Live Anyway? Updated their website and posted more 2014 dates. Lots of Northern California shows! I want to attend them all. Guess who’s road tripping upstate this fall?

Oh my fucking GOD. They updated the fucking site, I can’t fucking believe it my prayers to get rid of that fucking dumbass layout came true finally. I’m fucking excited. alsoineedmoney.


Greg and his wife Jennifer Canaga attended the TCM Classic Film Festival’s opening gala which celebrated the re-release of the 1955 film “Oklahoma!”.  April 10th, 2014, Hollywood, California

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9/10. Technically didn’t get in tonight. Here’s why.


tldr; don’t even bother trying on Monday if you have tickets. Or next season. Seriously.

I’ve kept a lot of the bullshit off this tumblr for good reason. But here we go.

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Greg Proops Live at Musso and Frank

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Every Single Reaction, well not really, Ryan Has Made After Hearing His Weather Man Character.

That Is A Lotta Stiles Man!


If you are seeing about 50 million mistakes on this gif it’s because they are there and I can’t fix them. And because tumblr wouldn’t let me upload it even when it was about 500k. OK, whatever but it took me an embarrassing amount of time to do this so I’m uploading it anyway. (feel free to delete this XD)


A recap of the pretty pics we got from January’s tapings. (I might be missing some, I’m not sure now.)

I dunno about you but I can’t wait for March!